Ponder this number: 4463. Just a number, right?


4463 is a number that epitomises opportunity. A number that opens the door to the world of e-commerce. The number that started it all for Coffee Crew. Now you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about? Let me explain. Once I have integrated the payment gateway for Coffee Crew, I naturally had to send through a real transaction, using a real credit card. I had to make sure that the system works, and that orders are processed and paid accordingly.

So, I started to swap out the test credentials on Payfast with my real merchant account details, and decided to purchase a test product. I went through the process of entering my real credit card details, and everything just worked. What a relief! Then, my bank sent me an OTP. A number I had to enter to ensure that I have not been victimized by a scam of sorts and that I actually approved the payment. That OTP was 4463. So – I entered the OTP, and the transaction went through. Entering this number did a few things:

  • It completed the payment
  • The payment reflected in my Payfast console
  • The order reflected in my website admin area
  • The payment reflected on my banking statement
  • The order emails flew around to me in personal capacity, and also to the store to notify Coffee Crew of the order.

What a number!

So many things, with just one single little number. 4463.

And no, ladies and gentlemen, although I love this number now, and it has very special meaning to me and to Coffee Crew, it is NOT used anywhere as an OTP or PIN to any service that I use. You’re out of luck there.

We hope that you enjoy the coffees and other products you order through Coffee Crew. We will do our best to never let you down and provide you with the best service possible.