What do you do on a typical lazy or Happy Saturday? Or any day that you are not at your day job? Everyone has something they do that helps them to unwind from a week of hard work. Here, at Coffee Crew, we relax with the kids, and, of course, brew, percolate, press, tamp, make and drink coffee. In short, we have a coffee day!

What do YOU do on a lazy Saturday? Have a coffee day!
What do YOU do on a lazy Saturday?

The above image is something I whipped together with a very basic photo editor, so please excuse the graphics quality. The image is obviously a bit exaggerated – our coffee counter does not quite look like this. But that does not detract from the fact that we have a great pot of Sihle’s Signature Brew on our trusted Russell Hobbs percolator – our first-ever coffee machine, and still serving us proudly to this day.

Of course, we still love our Beaver Creek range of coffees, and once this pot of Sihle’s is tackled, we’ll brew one of our Beaver Creek coffees again on another happy Saturday.

Percolating for your enjoyment

Making a great pot of percolated coffee is very easy, and very rewarding. There are great guidelines, but as a matter of fact, a great enjoyable percolated pot takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. From our own experience, and also courtesy of Hayman Coffee, here are some guidelines for happy Saturday Perculating:

  • Paper filters – if your percolator uses paper filters, rinse them with hot water before use to prevent the filters from transferring any additional, unintended flavours to your coffee. Even if you have a built-in filter, paper filters can also improve your end result by filtering out some coffee grinds that manage to slip through your built-in filter.
  • Fresh! – Please ensure that you use fresh beans to grind. The older the coffee, the more it tastes like cardboard – bland. flavourless. Unappetizing. The quality of your brew depends on this crucial point!
  • Filtered water – By using filtered water where possible, you take impurities out of the water that could impact the taste of your brew. For most people, unfiltered water will not really have a significant impact, but if you have a very fine palate, give filtered water a try.
  • Grind consistency – The finer the grind, there is a chance that finer grinds can slip through to your coffee. Courser grounds take longer to infuse with the flavour of the grinds but reduce the chance of a muddy brew (where grinds slip through your filter). Play around with your preference to get the best result for you.
  • The right amount of water – You should use only use enough water in accordance with the amount of coffee you want to brew. Too much water for your grinds and the brew will be weak. Too little, and your coffee will be too strong. It is also possible that your percolator may be filled too high, and cause grinds to spill into your brew.

What is your coffee preparation method?

We love coffee so much, that there is never just one favourite. But today’s choice was to use our trusted old percolator. Are you a latte person, or do you prefer a cappuccino? Percolated, French-pressed, or Espresso? Strong or mild? Skinny or regular? Flavoured or plain? Beans, grounds, or capsules? Whatever your choice, Coffee Crew can provide you with your daily fix.