About us

The coffee crew was established in 2018 in Johannesburg South Africa, as a business dedicated to sourcing the best independent and Artisanal Roasters from around the country as an offering to South African speciality coffee lovers. We sell everything from artisan-roasted beans, coffee grounds for machines, coffee-themed clothing, and cups, to brewing equipment, and everything in between. Our mission is to provide everything you need to make and enjoy a delicious cuppa Joe, whether it be your morning brew or your mid-day salvation. Here you will learn a bit more about who we are and how it all came to be. If you are an independent roaster and would like to get in touch, please feel free to do so.

How Coffee Crew Started

My name is Kobus, and I founded Coffee in 2018. I have a background in Web Development (Which means I already drink a lot of coffee) with a focus on System implementation, and before starting Coffee Crew I worked for numerous digital companies in South Africa and abroad, both as a full-time employee and a consultant. Back in 2015, my interest in coffee started to peak but even though my love for coffee grew I struggled to find coffee that lived up to my expectations in commercial stores. I’d bought my first filter coffee machine (which looking back, sounds terrible for a –self-proclaimed- coffee snob) which I still occasionally use for nostalgic reasons and convenience, and not long after I was grinding and brewing my coffee. Soon After I realised that my relationship with milk and sugar might not be a healthy one and the more I tried to cut them out the more I realised that the coffee from the stores needed those to make them palatable. I soon found myself wondering “Why is there no good quality coffee available online or even locally?”

That question hit the switch and made me realise that I might have to be the solution to my own problem and only 3 years later did I taste the coffee that got it all started, in 2018 while traveling on the South Coast, I tried my first cup of Transkei Gold. Initially, I didn’t think much of it, but the more I sipped the more I realised this is what I have been looking for. I bought a few bags to take home and Coffee Crew was born. With time I have come to realise that I am not the only person looking for quality coffee that tastes the way coffee is intended. We initially only supplied beans to a few local stores, markets, and hotels and didn’t focus on going online with a full eCommerce setup until 2020. Just before the paw-paw hit the fan.

What Coffee Crew is today

Today, Coffee Crew is still a hobby project, which is the way I would like it to stay. But the team has drastically grown and so has what we do. We sell freshly roasted beans and grounds (within 2 weeks of roast) from 4 different artisan brands. We are also working on expanding our ever-growing list of brewing equipment, accessories, and tools, and also dispatch numerous kilos of coffee to customers across the country and beyond. Hopefully, soon we might be brewing specialised coffee beans ourselves.

We have accomplished many amazing things. When I launched this company, I never imagined that Coffee Crew would become a household name in the specialty coffee sector, a name that’s synonymous with quality coffee and Coffee products, but that’s where we’ve found ourselves. An attribute that goes out to all of you who share my passion for coffee and the suppliers that have made all of it possible. And we’re far from done.


Happy Brewing!